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Bicycle trails

The trail round Resko Lake (about 52 km)

It begins and finishes in Kołobrzeg. That trail runs round Resko Lake, across picturesque country terrains (i.a. by Grzybowo), among relics and the monuments of nature.


The Trail of Stork`s Nests (about 27 km)

That route begins and finishes in Kołobrzeg (runs i.a. by Grzybowo), where is possible to meet even hundred-year stork`s nests.

Amazing sceneries,
in background clacking storks -
unforgettable view,
we recommend it especially!!!


Seaside International Bicycle Trail (about 25 km)

That route begins in DĽwirzyno (countryside near Grzybowo, this route runs also by Grzybowo) and it ends on the airport in Bagicz. During ride with bicycle there can be encounter beautiful terrains, which are very diverse visually.


The Trail To Sun (about 40 km)

That route runs a.i. by Grzybowo and the various kind the sceneries, the relics, the monuments of nature, and special attention is directed towards the seaside route - The Zone of Protected Landscape..