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Price list

Rooms with bathrooms:
10 € /adult
8 € /child under 15

Rooms without bathrooms:
9 € /adult
7 € /child under 15

Arrival in group - reduction.

The arrival for longer period time - the price to co-ordination


The method of payment:

So that room became finally reserved, it is necessary to pay deposit (unrepayable) in total amount 150 PLN on bank account. In title of payment must be write down person's name and surname booking room as well as exact time of arrival.
Remaining amount for room should be payed within 24 h (from date of arrival) at owner of building.

Data to transfer:
Janoszek Bolesław
Ul. Borkowska 33
78-132 Grzybowo
Bank Zachodni WBK S.A.
The no. of bank account:
43 1090 2659 0000 0001 0827 8276

All questions should be directed on phone NO.: 508 645 732 or on e-mail address: info@gbursztyn.pl